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Grepolis is a free, browser-based online game, with a strong focus on cooperative play and strategy. It is your task to transform a small polis (Greek for town) into a huge metropolis. Recruit a powerful army, with mythical units, like the Manticore or Hydra. Navigate your seafaring troops through the Greek seas and conquer far away Islands.

Forge mighty alliances with your friends, and plan to attack your common enemies together, via land, water, or the skies. While on your epic journey to fame and glory; do not neglect to earn favor from the gods of the Greek Pantheon: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hades, Poseidon, and Artemis. Their goodwill could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Construct unique World Wonders, and be chosen to be the most powerful ruler of Ancient Greece. CLICK HERE TO PLAY.

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